Our first pre wedding cinematography film!

Where have we been…. what have we been doing??….. It’s been so busy and know I have to update my blog more often so you can all keep up to date on where we have been and what we have been doing. As I mentioned earlier on in the year we have officially added cinematography to our current photography business. Filming in a cinematic way, our cinematography aims to mirror our style of photography giving our clients a movie feel than we have been asked to produce.

I am so excited to show you our first pre- wedding cinematic wedding film trailer. Than and Han Su arrived in London from Burma for a long weekend of photo shoots. London, Brighton and Scotland were our itinerary. While in Scotland we shot a short movie trailer for the couple and have to say I am very proud to finally add some of our filming to our blog at last!

Would love to hear some comments on what you all think?!

Will post shortly some photos from the shoots too



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