Verity and Dominic’s Wedding Photo Fusion video

When I first met Verity and Dominic I just knew this wedding would be full of love, fun and lots of laughter. Dominic and Verity are both into the arts and very creative which is why I suggested to them for me to produce not only still images of their day but create a fusion of video and still images together.

Of course this is typically more difficult to do on a real wedding day and most use a video shooter to help with this. I wanted to prove that solo I could cover the wedding with my stills and small snippets of video footage without a huge crew. I always shoot with a second photographer, however she had no part in filming just her normal job of second shooting.

I still believe there is a market for photographers to start adding small amounts of video footage to their current business. If you want to find out how to produce a product like this please enrol on my creative live seminar here

Thanks again to Verity and Dominic who made this happen, your time, patience and belief in me made this fusion piece what it is :-)


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2 Responses to Verity and Dominic’s Wedding Photo Fusion video

  1. Derrick Mathews says:

    Lovely piece of work Miss G. Great choice of music, I am sure Verity & Dominic love it. Looking forward to your appearence on CreativeLive.

  2. Verity says:

    Wow! We love our video Victoria. It really is incredible and made us laugh and cry in equal measures. We were so excited when you mentioned making a video. We didn’t know what to expect with a mixture of still photographs and live action shots but it works beautifully and we are so pleased that you went the extra mile for our day. To other brides-to-be out there it didn’t take up any extra time, well, maybe a few seconds added on to posing for a photo but it was fun and exciting to do. It was filmed very quickly, as we only had a short window of opportunity but it really captures the mood and emotion of the day. It is so lovely to have some of Doms lovely speech recorded. I can’t really remember it myself but the video brings it all back so clearly and reminds me of those special little moments spread throughout the day. I laugh at my expressions and those of Dom and our families – how real and fabulously ‘true’ they are. It brings back the heat (hottest day of the year), the love and the fun! Everyone who has seen it raves about it and I’ve had lots of remarks from guests (anti wedding video people) saying they wished they had such an amazing memento of their day. We were so lucky to have found Victoria and to have had such a great photography team taking every care to ‘get’ every aspect of our day. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you for being calm in the face of adversity, keeping us calm in the face in the face of adversity, giving make-up and hair tips, keeping to the schedule, taking extra care to get every shot we asked for, keeping us in the shade and not complaining about the excessive heat! Thank you – thank you – thank you!

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