I am a female wedding photographer providing fashion inspired contemporary wedding and portrait photography.

I love what I do with a passion and shoot each wedding with the same care and attention.

With a background in fashion naturally my wedding photography style is unique bringing that fashion edge to all my images. Often my clients will say can we have one of your “vogue style” shots on our wedding day.

Coming from the fashion industry I understand how to use light to enhance the beauty in every bride. I aim to tell your story by enhancing reality and adding that glamorous feel to each image. Additionally being a women helps during the bridal preparations knowing when and when not to take a shot. I pride myself on our business of providing a service of excellence ranging from the best of the best albums in the world, such as Queensbury etc.. all the way through to putting friends and family at ease on the wedding day.

My clients value the true art of a great wedding photographer and I cherish each clients special day, that once in a lifetime moment.